The Easy Button

I just saw a commercial that makes me feel nervous, excited, and a little sad, even after being out of school for a few years. I imagine this type of commercial will make me feel this way for the rest of my life! You know . . . the “Back to School” commercial, which appears way too early in the summer and tries to ruin your carefree day in sixty seconds by reminding you of the impending fall and the impending return to the classroom.

This one was for Staples – “The Easy Button” campaign they have going. You press a juicy red button marked “easy” and you have everything you need to go back to school. Really. That’s one way to do it. So far I haven’t come across any “easy” button fastened to the edge of the outdoor pool that I can hit.

But I wanted to post a reminder to new students to come to Orientation 2007, and I figure that’s as good a way to describe it as any: a sort of “easy” button that will help you get ready for college. You’ll meet people in the same program as you (I met my best friend at my orientation!) and learn your way around the college, with lots of practical advice like where to eat, study, hang out, buy your textbooks and parking pass, and so on.

Come to the Humanities and Social Sciences meet and greet for sure in the Margaret Parsons Theater from 10 – 11 a.m. if you are a BA student. Lots of your potential instructors will be there and it’ll be a casual way to introduce you to your new program.

Starting school is never easy, and all your life part of you is going to want to punch out the smug commercial parents who hit the “easy” button and then dance with joy because their kid is heading back to school. Nonetheless, going to Orientation will make starting at Red Deer College that much easier, and it’s totally worth your time.

See you there!


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