Things that are Free: Edmonton Canada Career Week Fair

For the dates and information on Canada Career Week Fair in Edmonton 2009 and The Career Show in Calgary, check this post.

In case you are heading north this weekend, you might want to check out the (free) Edmonton Canada Career Week Fair. Or maybe it’s Canada Edmonton Career Fair Week? Well, whatever the title, it’s at the Northlands Sportex (in same area as Rexall Place) and runs from 9-5 p.m. today and Saturday. If you’re graduating, you can check out places that are hiring; if you’re transferring or thinking of checking out postsecondary, there are lots of those places too.

IN FACT, I will be there tomorrow, at the Red Deer College booth all day, telling people to get their B.A., and to get going on it at RDC. And picking up free stuff from other booths. Like caramels, frisbees, lip balm, mints . . . at the Calgary one last week I got pizza!


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