How to Get In To Grad School

How can you be a competitive applicant if you’re planning on going to grad school? It’s not a bad idea to think of some strategies well in advance of the application deadline to your particular school and program. That way, you have lots of time to bolster up your application by making sure your GPA remains competitive, practicing for any admissions tests you may have to write, seeking out instructors to write letters of reference for you, and doing any research papers/conference presentations or extracurricular activities that’ll make you look like a great candidate.

Also, on the practical side, you may want to save up some cash for those application fees. Especially if you’re planning to apply to your dream program plus a couple “safety” programs. Those $100 non-refundables add up pretty quick, not to mention the cost of writing GREs, LSATs, or whatever other admissions tests might be required.

Here’s a site with some tips on getting in. It’s an American site so some stuff won’t apply unless you’re planning to head to the States for grad school (like funding, and going straight to a doctoral program without the Master’s degree) but the general tips are really good ones and there are sample reference letters and essays.


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