Christmas Gift Ideas


“Thanks for the singing toilet bowl lid!”

Just what I always wanted to hear on Christmas morning when I hand out my gifts. Typically, I’m not known as the most creative gift-giver in the world. Just ask the people I gave popcorn balls to this year. (I tried: I shaped them as snowmen. I was going to knit little toques till I remembered – I don’t know how to knit!)

But help is always just a click away, isn’t it? and are a couple of sites I found with some crazy gift ideas. My faves:

So hey, there’s still time to do some shopping!

Also – this is just a side note – when I’m on these types of websites I notice quite a few occurrences of spelling mistakes/typos/bad grammar. Not that I’m Little Miss Perfect or anything, but it bugs me!!! Maybe one could make some decent cash by editing people’s website content before they post it? Hmm. (Here’s hoping there aren’t too many spelling/grammatical errors in this post! Oh, the irony).

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