Don’t Miss It: Apply Now to the University of Calgary Collaborative Degree Program


If you’re in your second year of a B.A., and plan to major in English, Psychology, or Sociology . . . then don’t miss your chance to apply to the RDC/U of C collaborative degree program.

 With this program, you become a U of C student but you don’t have to actually GO to the U of C. So if you live in Red Deer, like it here, and are a fan of attending Red Deer College, then this program might just be a great fit for you.

But don’t miss it! The application deadline for Fall 2008 is coming up. By January 31, you’ll need to apply to the U of C for admission. Again, the majors offered are English, Psychology, and Sociology. You need a GPA of 2.0 to be considered for admission to English and Sociology, and a GPA of about 2.7 for Psych.

Apply online at (Apply Now link). If you have any questions, be sure to call me (Alison – 357-3674) or Jennifer (342-3313).

Also, if you do apply, let Jen or me know because we will get your unofficial transcripts down the the University as quickly as we can so they can begin the admissions process. (You’ll need to send an official highschool and postsecondary transcript when your courses are complete in April).

This is a great program . . . if you want to stay in the friendly Red Deer College environment, taking advantage of the small class sizes and excellent instruction, the opportunities for research and learning, and hey, let’s face it, cheaper living conditions, then think about this program!


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  1. Melinda Johnston

    Hi Folks:

    I discovered your secret website, that I never knew that existed. It really makes you feel at home! Too cool! I hope you had a super St. Patrick’s day!

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