University of Calgary Collaborative Degree at RDC


Don’t Become Just Another Number.

In most cases, colleges don’t grant degrees. But you can stay at RDC and still get your Bachelor of Arts degree. Thanks to a collaboration with the University of Calgary, you can become a University of Calgary student and graduate with a degree from the U of C, but you get to take your classes here.

What’s so good about that?

Well, don’t just ask me. Ask Sarah, a graduate of this program:
“Red Deer College has all the amenities of a large university within a close-knit, friendly environment. Rather than a competitive atmosphere, there is a cooperative atmosphere – lots of teamwork, opportunities to participate on committees, and inside advice from faculty and program staff.”

Really getting involved in your degree is easy to do when you’re in this atmosphere. It’s supportive and cooperative, but also challenging and stimulating. Because of the smaller classes, students get to know instructors, and that opens up opportunities for research.

Another graduate, Janene, speaks to this:
“The best part of the program was getting to know instructors, which gave me opportunities to work with them in doing real research in my field.”

These qualities of the program mean that when you graduate, you will have experiences that are going to open doors for you beyond just the B.A. degree. Chances to participate in conferences and on committees and to do actual research with instructors is helpful whether you plan to apply to graduate school or to score that great job.

Finally, come visit Jen or Alison (me!) up in the 2506 area at Red Deer College, or email (342-3313) or (357-3674) to get more information about this program. Here’s another perk – Jen and I are here to help you complete your degree in the best way possible. The smaller program means that we can help you out individually – we get to know our students and can give a lot more time to helping make sure you pick the courses that are right for you, to solve problems or to answer questions you have.

You are definitely not just a number here!


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