Student Perspectives Conference

I am excited that the Student Perspectives Conference is coming up this weekend. As an event organizer, I’m also a little stressed out – there is a lot of last-minute prep work that has to be done, and you always hope there won’t be any unforeseen, last minute disasters (you always hope there won’t, and there pretty much always are . . . ) But I’m feeling pretty good and I’m looking forward to the event.

As should everyone! This year, the contributions by students (yay, thanks!) are really varied, interesting, and well-done. Presentations feature everything from sexual education in the school system to how men and women act differently at the mall; from anorexia treatments, meth abuse, and posttraumatic stress disorder to poetry interpretations and creative readings of novel excerpts; from ancient Greek elite fighting bands to Disney’s activities during WWII; from studies of food addiction and avalanche survival to art history and environmentalism. For more specifics, you can check out under “Schedule of Presenters”.

It is definitely worth attending some of the conference even if you aren’t a presenter. Sessions are free and open to the public (again, see the Schedule of Presenters for a timeline and locations) and the quality of original work and research being done by RDC B.A. students is impressive. If you’re interested in a B.A. degree, this is a great chance to see the types of research you yourself might end up doing.

As well, on Friday evening (March 14) at 7:30 p.m. there will be a special presentation of the documentary film “E for Everyone: The Mouse and the Elephant” by Unveil Studios of Red Deer. Admission to this is free as well – definitely worth coming to. Thanks to Unveil Studios for presenting the film.

Also thanks to the event sponsors, the RDC Foundation and the RDC CAT Fund, and to all the committee volunteers and presenters.

If you have any questions or want more information, email or call 357-3674.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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