Finding Creativity

Lately, I’ve come across a lot of different creative people advising other people on how to be creative.

The bottom line in everything is that creativity and originality and great works of art or literature don’t come from the outside – your education, your fancy computer, your awesome desk and studio apartment, your desire to be famous or rich – but from somewhere WITHIN (well, no kidding). But a few people have put it a few different, and interesting, ways.

Have a look at some of the poems by Robert Bruce on his site (especially How To Write A Poem).

Or check out; the post How To Be Creative covers this pretty much as completely as possible.

Or read So You Want To Be A Writer by Charles Bukowski.

And don’t be too sad if, upon graduation, you end up with a day job that is not exactly what you dreamed of, in terms of being a famous poet, writer, artist, whatever.

That’s got nothing to do with your ability to be creative.


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