Talking Up Communications Studies

Communicator Extraordinaire is a skill absolutely everyone should strive to be able to put on their resume.

Ask an expert in the job market. They will tell you that the most employable skill a person can have is the ability to communicate well.

Teachers need to be able to communicate to their students. Doctors need to communicate with their patients, with specialists, with pharmacists, with nurses. Marketers need to be able to communicate with consumers. Writers and filmmakers and artists need to be able to communicate with their audiences. Even if you’re working in a trade, say construction, being able to communicate well is extremely important for safety, and could end up saving your life or somebody else’s.

Pretty much every occupation requires you to have a good grasp on how to communicate verbally, in writing, or in any other medium you might use that allows you to send and receive messages.

In fact, what life does not require the ability to communicate reasonably well? You need to be able to communicate with yourself, friends, family, co-workers, clients – everyone you are in contact with on a daily basis. Communicating is a fundamental process that affects virtually everyone’s life at almost every second of the day. Not even exaggerating, here – just communicating the straight facts.

Dip your toe into the field of Communications Studies to learn how to understand and speak the language of business, listen well, and read and make use of written materials – all pretty much the most important skills to have when you enter the workforce. Communications Studies classes, such as Fundamentals of Workplace Communication, Business and Workplace Writing, Human Services Writing, and Writing Skills for the Fine Arts can help students in any field get better at what they do by learning to communicate effectively.

You can take your study of communication further. If you’re specifically looking to enter the workforce with a career like newspaper reporter, TV journalist, public relations specialist, manager, motivational speaker, editor, or dispute negotiator then a Communications Studies background will serve you very well. If studying communication for its own sake is what really interests you, declaring a Communications Studies major will allow you to do just that.

You’ll take classes like Introduction to Visual Culture, where you will be introduced to the concepts of visual literacy, how to evaluate visual media and how visual images shape culture.  You’ll learn about Topics in Rhetoric and Discourse in relation to the social, political and philosophical climate. Public Relations classes will teach you about the role of public relations among business, government, educational and cultural organizations, including ethical standards in public relations. You could also learn about the History of Communication and Mass Communication in Canada.

Know how to speak? Know how to write? Know how to read?

There. You’ve got some of the fundamentals already.

So go for it – declare a Communications Studies Major! If you want more information about the Communications Studies program at Red Deer College, visit, email or call (403) 342-3303.


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