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Hey all! Sorry the BA Blog has been out of the loop for awhile . . . the beginning of the school year is a bit crazy for an advisor, with all the students coming in like “No way can I handle taking this class, the prof is so boring I fell asleep before they even finished going over the course outline!” Just kidding, I haven’t heard that one yet. But we are kept busy doing lots of class changes, schedule rearrangements, so on and so forth, for our students. If you need help with your schedule, it’s not too late to change it! RDC students have until the 11 of September to add/drop classes, U of C Collab students all the way until September 19. Go see an academic advisor if you have questions about switching classes.

We also met all the first-year BA students coming into the program at Orientation – Welcome, guys! I hope your first week is going really well and isn’t too overwhelming. It doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things. I remember somebody telling me when I started university “The first two days can be confusing, but by the end of the week you feel like you’ve been there forever.” Highly true.

Here are a few things on the go for the BA Program this fall:

The BA Fall Mixer will be on September 23 (Tuesday) in the Far Side on campus from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. So come on out to that! Look for posters and then tickets to go on sale soon. Come! You’ll have a good time. We event organizers are luckily incredibly friendly people and so make sure nobody is sitting alone feeling left out!

Perspectives: Canada in the World is a lecture series that features guest speakers who are Canadians that are making contributions in the world in the fields of Humanities or Social Sciences. This fall, the speaker is  Lewis McKenzie, WC – a retired Canadian general who will be speaking on the topic of Canada’s role in Afghanistan. The date is October 14 in the evening and tickets will be on sale soon.

If you like to write, join the BA Blog as a writer! You can post your true experiences as an RDC BA student for the world to see. Most highschool students out there say they would like to have a chance to read a blog by a current student in the program to get a feel for it, so your insights would be very helpful. If you’re interested, let me know:

Good luck this year!

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