How Do You Spend Your Weekends?

The long-awaited weekend is here. The question is, are you going to spend it elbows-deep in homework, partying 24/7, working non-stop to pay those tuition bills, or snoozing for the 48 hours that you have to yourself?

If you’re a typical student, or human being, during the week as the homework assignments and readings begin to pile up, you think to yourself: “No problem. I’ll get to that when I have time . . . on the weekend.”

Then the weekend comes. Friday night . . . no, you need a break. You’ve worked hard all week. It’s time to hit a party or lie on the couch watching movies. Saturday morning? No way. If you’re not working, chances are, you’re sleeping in. Saturday afternoon? Well . . . you could get down to starting that paper. But there’s laundry to do, or a friend calls, or you have to calm down your poor roommate who is freaking out after their girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with them.

So now it’s Saturday night. You promise yourself you’ll turn down every invitation you get and spend the evening at your desk with your textbooks and a highlighter. You even change into the grungiest sweatpants you have so you won’t be tempted.

But you get a few texts from friends, and your readings are incredibly dull. It’s simply going to be impossible to remain at your desk for the next 4 hours. Your friends are going out. All right . . . you’ll go too.

Sunday morning comes and goes without you even waking up. Sunday afternoon you go to Costco with your mom. Now it’s Sunday night. You desperately try to catch up, but a new episode of Family Guy is on. What’s a person supposed to do?

So the weekend is over and you’ve fit nothing in. Fair enough this early in the semester. But what happens when midterms roll around and paper deadlines start to loom? Here are a couple ideas.

Allow yourself one night off. Say, Friday night. Know that you aren’t even going to THINK about schoolwork for that night, but that after that, homework is going to be back in the picture.

Get up an hour earlier than you had planned. Say you wanted to sleep in till eleven. Haul yourself out of bed at ten. Make some coffee and sit down and work at your homework for an hour, before you even take a shower. Afterwards, you’ll be ready for the chores and events of the day and you’ll have worked in an extra hour or so of homework time.

Watch TV while you work. Some people say this is bad practice, and maybe it is. But if you can multi-task and watch Family Guy while you’re doing homework, then why not do it? Pick something that is easy to break into chunks and focus during the commercial breaks. You might be surprised how much you get done.

Make your roommates/friends do homework too. If everybody wants to go out on Saturday, so be it. But make a friend or a roommate keep you accountable. Say you both will do homework till 9, and meet up wtih people then. If you’ve promised each other you’ll do it, you’ll stick to it a lot better than if it’s just you trying to force yourself to do it alone.

Anyway! Have a great weekend!

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