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Happy Holidays!

christmas-hollyHappy Holidays to everyone . . . enjoy your well-deserved break. Hopefully you find lots of time to sit back and relax after a busy semester.

In case you are already experiencing withdrawal from school (haha) never fear – classes start up again on Tuesday, Jan. 6th, and the B.A. Blog will be back at that time too.

Until then . . . stay warm! Eat lots! Happy holidays!

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Beyond Book Learning – Sociology Opportunity at RDC

Community Service Learning in Sociology Courses – Winter 2009


Sociology will be offering the opportunity for students to do Community Service Learning projects in the following Sociology Courses in the Winter 09 semester: Soci 301: Sociology of Gender & Sexuality… Soci 363: Sociology of Work … Soci 373: Sociology of Aging … Soci 333: The Development of Sociology II.


Community Service Learning (CSL) gives students the opportunity to integrate volunteerism / activism with academic learning.  Instead of turning in the same old term paper, you would be required to volunteer at an organization that relates to the topic of the course.  At the end of the term, you would hand in a Portfolio, which contains your own personal reflections on the volunteer work and acadmic material. In addition, you are asked to deliberately apply the sociological concepts learned in the class to the volunteer experiences (For example, you may look at the causes and consequences of the social actions or behaviours your observe… the role of race, class or gender in the interactions, behaviours, the social construction of meanings and / or the inherent conflicts and vested interests among actors and groups.). In essence, CSL allows you to apply the “text-book” stuff to the real world – we will challenge you to consider solutions to the social problems you encounter by using your sociological imagination.

In past terms, we have had students volunteering at places such as: Bethany Care Centre, Central Alberta Refugee Effort, Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter, John Howard Society, Canadian Cancer Society and Central Alberta Women’s Outreach Society. 


If you would Like more infomration on CSL in any of the above mentioned courses, please contact either Choon Lee-Chai ( or Krista Robson (  There will be a general information meeting on January 8th – 6pm in room 2302 for potential CSL students.


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Food For Thought: What To Eat Before An Exam

eggIf you want your brain to be functioning in top capacity on exam day so that you can recall the material from those hours of studying you put in (hopefully not all last night!) then consider some of the following tips from a dietician on what to eat before your exam.

1. Eat Breakfast

Studies show that concentration and memory recall are better in those that eat breakfast than those that skip it. So even if you wake up with nervous butterflies in your stomach on the day of the exam, it may be worth your while to try and cram something down. Dieticians recommend that you combine different types of carbohydrate-rich foods so that energy will be released at different rates. Try cereal, milk, toast, and  juice.

2. Protein It Up

Protein is helpful for enhancing alertness, so if you’ve been missing sleep due to study sessions or nerves, you might want to have an egg or put some cheese on your toast to benefit from some extra protein.

3. Drink Some Energy

As long as it’s OK to do so in the exam, an energy drink is a good idea, whether it’s Gatorade or another sports drink, Coke, or fruit juice. Sometimes drinks other than water aren’t allowed to prevent cheating . . . water is good, as long as you don’t drink TOO much of it.

4. Keep It Light All Day

If your exam isn’t until the afternoon or evening, then keep eating throughout the day but avoid large meals that are high in fat, because they could make you SLEEPY and SLUGGISH, which is not how you want to feel. Go for soup, pasta, a sandwich, and some milk or juice to drink. Eat a small or medium-sized amount of food, and have a snack periodically to keep your energy up.

good luck with exams!

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Speakers Wanted: Call for Submissions for the 5th Annual Student Perspectives Conference


We want you to present at this conference on March 20 and 21, and we want you to submit your abstract by Friday, February 13, 2009. I’ve been known to give a number of reasons why you SHOULD present, and I’m sure you’re entirely sick of them. So here are a number of reasons why you SHOULDN’T be part of the conference.

  • You hate the idea of adding yet another accomplishment to your already stellar resume. In fact, you want potential employers to think you’re just an Average Joe. Come on, it worked for Sarah Palin . . . oops. Maybe not the best example.
  • Grad school is for geeks! And if you ever DO decide to go, you’re sure that the admissions committee will not only ignore those lower marks you accidentally got in second year when you were in your “party-on” phase, but also won’t need any evidence of extra-curricular activity or academic accomplishment to make up for them. They probably just line up all the applications on a dartboard and admit whichever ones they manage to hit, anyway.
  • You want to keep your brilliant paper or project a secret, just between you and your instructor. Why let anyone else know about the sheer genius you produced? It’s better to spend all those hours working away at it so that your prof can just scrawl a grade illegibly at the top and then chuck it in a pile. That’s enough reward for you.
  • You’re actually a Hollywood celeb, and so far you’ve been keeping an incognito profile around the college. If you get up on stage, people might recognize and then mob you. It’s just not worth it.
  • You have a weird superpower, like those people in Heroes. If you get up in front of a crowd and speak, you can start to control people’s thoughts and actions. It’s just plain irresponsible on your part to present at the conference.

I think those are pretty good reasons to stay out of the conference, and I will respect you for them.

Otherwise, I will be constantly advising you to get involved and reap the benefits of that involvement, some of which you can find online here. You will also find links to the Call for Submissions, the abstract guide, and the abstract submission cover sheet. Just in case you want them.

And if you have any questions about the conference, don’t hesitate to ask anyone:;; are a few good places to start.

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