Beyond Book Learning – Sociology Opportunity at RDC

Community Service Learning in Sociology Courses – Winter 2009


Sociology will be offering the opportunity for students to do Community Service Learning projects in the following Sociology Courses in the Winter 09 semester: Soci 301: Sociology of Gender & Sexuality… Soci 363: Sociology of Work … Soci 373: Sociology of Aging … Soci 333: The Development of Sociology II.


Community Service Learning (CSL) gives students the opportunity to integrate volunteerism / activism with academic learning.  Instead of turning in the same old term paper, you would be required to volunteer at an organization that relates to the topic of the course.  At the end of the term, you would hand in a Portfolio, which contains your own personal reflections on the volunteer work and acadmic material. In addition, you are asked to deliberately apply the sociological concepts learned in the class to the volunteer experiences (For example, you may look at the causes and consequences of the social actions or behaviours your observe… the role of race, class or gender in the interactions, behaviours, the social construction of meanings and / or the inherent conflicts and vested interests among actors and groups.). In essence, CSL allows you to apply the “text-book” stuff to the real world – we will challenge you to consider solutions to the social problems you encounter by using your sociological imagination.

In past terms, we have had students volunteering at places such as: Bethany Care Centre, Central Alberta Refugee Effort, Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter, John Howard Society, Canadian Cancer Society and Central Alberta Women’s Outreach Society. 


If you would Like more infomration on CSL in any of the above mentioned courses, please contact either Choon Lee-Chai ( or Krista Robson (  There will be a general information meeting on January 8th – 6pm in room 2302 for potential CSL students.



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