President Obama In The House!

Today is historic . . . for the first time ever, a black president is being sworn into office in the United States.

At a time when the economy of some of the strongest countries in the world is rapidly failing, when global warming is a swiftly approaching threat, and when so many countries, including the US and Canada, have military presences, and mounting casualties, in the Middle East, can this guy really bring about the change he stands for?

Nobody can say yet . . . but whether we support Obama or not, we will all be watching him really closely to see if he can truly change the world.

I like to think so.

And a shout out to the B.A. degree . . . Obama got his from Columbia University in Political Science in 1983. Before entering Harvard Law School, he worked for a number of years in Chicago in the non-profit sector. So let’s see . . . his B.A. allowed him to do really cool work with communities in Chicago, and his education and work experience combined would have been huge factors in getting into Harvard Law . . . leading to him becoming a senator . . . and then President of the United States! His wife Michelle, also a lawyer, has a B.A. in Sociology.

Not saying we’re all potential Barack or even Michelle Obamas . . . but hey. See what could happen with a B.A.! Whatever else you call it, don’t call it a waste of time . . . with this degree who knows how you can change the world.


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