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Scholarship Season!

Hello everyone! It’s a busy time of year . . . so why not tack one more “to do” onto your crammed list?

This one is worth it though . . . it could bag you some free money for school! It’s scholarship season at Red Deer College!

If you are a continuing student (ie, you’re a Red Deer College student already and coming back next year) then your deadline to apply for scholarships is MARCH 1/09.

If you are a new student (planning to enter a program in Fall 2009) then your deadline to apply for scholarships is MARCH 31/09.

Visit RDC Funding and Awards for your online application – you apply once, and the system matches you to whatever scholarships you are eligible for!

(Good news, even if you haven’t pulled off the best marks ever, not all scholarships are based on grades. There are a number of them based on factors besides your grades. So be sure to apply no matter what!)

Even U of C Collab students are eligible to apply for scholarships – your deadline is also March 1. Visit to find info on how to do this online.

The folks who work in RDC Funding and Awards are great. They offer free workshops to help you apply for scholarships; you can visit them anytime on campus, or you can email them at for more information.

Scholarships don’t stop there. You can also find information about all sorts of other scholarships that are external (ie, not just through RDC). The following websites are some good ones to have a look at:

When all is said and done, scholarships are well worth the investment of time it takes to apply for them – remember this is money that will help you pay for school but that you never have to pay back!

If you’re looking for money that you do have to pay back, well, student loans are out there. RDC Funding and Awards will help you get the right amount of a student loan for you! In mid May to mid June the student loan forms for next year come out. Student Funding really encourages you to go to one of their free loan workshops offered at that time so they can help you get the all-important first application ready to go.

For example, if you apply online, you are always going to get the basic amount allotted to you by student loans. If you have extra costs (for example, you live out of town so your transportation costs are higher) the online application will not pick that up – it’ll just give you the basic amount for transportation. You can appeal the loan, but any funding received after an appeal comes in the form of more loan money to pay back, whereas the paper application will capture these extra funds and you will get the actual amount you need first time around – and very likely some grant money (ie, non-repayable) will be part of the total amount. Student Funding and Awards can help make sure you fill the form out the way you need to.

Student Funding and Awards is also the place to go if you have further questions about budgeting, loans, scholarships/bursaries, lines of credit, etc. If you need a tuition deferral (ie, your loan money hasn’t come in yet and tuition is due!) they are also the people to talk to.

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