Yay! It’s Summer! Now Get a Job.

The B.A. Blog just wants to say “Congrats on being done all your finals!” and hopefully you have spent the past week relaxing in whatever way, shape or form you wanted to relax in. Like watching really time-wasting TV, moving permanently into Facebook-land, spending the last of your student loan cash on summer clothes, spending the last of your cash on relaxing beverages, or just lying on the floor staring at the ceiling, quietly repeating “Thank goodness I made it.”

Whatever the case may be, perhaps reality is rushing back at you in the guise of your bank account balance, which could very well have the following tagline attached to it: “Get up off the floor and find yourself some form of  a paycheck!” If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who have their summer job all lined up in advance with a start-date and everything, you might be looking for a way to make some cash over the next few school-free months. Here are a few local places to check:

Good Luck with the Job Search! Unless, of course, you were born under a lucky star and are traveling to Europe or a tropical country for the next few months, or you were born under a less-lucky but probably more productive star and taking some spring classes to get the old degree finished faster. In any case, may it all go well!


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