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Reality check…

I know school is the last thing you want to think about, but here are a few friendly reminders for the upcoming school year.

1) Enroll in your classes

Registration is open for fall and winter classes. Classes are filling up quickly, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to get the classes you want.

2) Get your funding together

If you have enrolled in classes for the fall term, your tuition is due August 14 (only 2 days away!). To get information on financial help for the upcoming year visit- Funding and awards.

Also, this may be the time to start looking for a part-time job to hold down during the school year. Working while in school is a great way to minimize any debt you may incur while attending a post-secondary institute. Also, if you are not from Red Deer, it is a great opportunity to meet new people. Whether you gain employment in a field related to your education or not, all work opportunities give you one kind of experience or another. You may not realize how handy a BA degree comes in when you are dealing with customers in a restaurant, but one day you will realize how your education helped you to think rationally about the situation, helped you communicate with the customers, and helped you solve any problems you were faced with.

3) Find a place to live

If you want to live on-campus:

Residence is a great way to start off your experience at Red Deer College, it is affordable, convenient, and a great way to meet fellow students. Plus, there is no commute to campus which means you can wake up 5 minutes before class starts and still make it there in time.

If you are looking off campus:

Two great resources for off-campus housing are the Students’ Association and Kijiji.

The Students’ Association has a good selection of rooms for rent and the landlords are willing to rent to college students.

Kijiji gives you the option of setting search parameters and seeing pictures of the place before actually going to see it. Kijiji often features places that have already been rented out, but it definitely has the most selection to offer renters. 

4) Get parking

If you plan on driving to campus you may want to invest in a parking pass. Check the Parking at RDC site for information on parking passes, residence parking, and hourly parking rates.

5) Enjoy your summer

Get out and enjoy your last weeks of summer vacation. See you in September.

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