Why a BA?

What can I do with a BA? This is a question I have heard a lot over the past few weeks, yet I still don’t know how to answer it completely. The reason being, having a BA does not train you specifically for one career, like nursing or engineering. A BA gives you the education and tools to follow many career paths. So, what can you do with a BA? Pretty much anything!

During Perspectives: Canada in the World, Gwyn Morgan said that you make a choice and then you grab the opportunities that are presented to you. Sounds easy, right? Choose to take a BA and then grab hold of the opportunities that are presented to you.

What kind of career opportunities may be available? Well, you could become a journalist, events planner, advertising executive, politician, economist, librarian, human resources consultant, translator, consultant, freelance writer, editor, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. You may decide to go on to grad school and get a masters degree, or possibly a law degree. We say, ‘from here, you can get anywhere’, because we mean it. Your opportunities are endless once you obtain your BA.

It is not easy deciding what to do in college/university. Talk to academic advisors, program coordinators, teachers, your parents, anyone who can offer you advice and guidance. Still undecided? Come to the RDC Open House on November 7 and talk to the Humanities and Social Science staff and faculty.


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