Let’s talk about STRESS

While midterms are over, assignments and research papers are piling up. Not to mention those readings you promised you would read last week that you still haven’t got to. Are you feeling stressed? Worried that you won’t fit it all in? Here are a few pointers to help you keep everything in perspective.

1) Don’t stress about being stressed.

 Seems obvious, but it is really hard to not let your stress build up and multiply. Try to resist feeling angry with yourself for not being more organized or on top of your assignments. Instead focus on what you need to accomplish and how you are going to get it done. It is really easy to let things snowball and your stress to consume you. You need to step back, take a breath and realize that being a little behind isn’t the end of the world if you can focus on how to catch up.

2) Look after yourself.

  The second things start to go haywire; we seem to forget about taking care of our bodies and minds. Suddenly, we exist solely on Red Bull and chips because we don’t have enough time to make a proper meal. Exercise? Who has time for that when you have a quiz, two papers, and five weeks worth of readings to catch up on. Sleep? Again, who has time for that? 

You need to make the time to look after your body. When you aren’t looking after your body you are creating psychical stress. In an hour, you could go for a 30 minute walk, have a 15 minute nap, and whip up a quick, yet healthy, meal. You won’t perform your best on tests or be able to process information accurately if you are neglecting your wellness.

3) Make a to-do list.

 Mark down your papers, quizzes, and assignments in your agenda and estimate how much time it will take to complete these tasks or study. Also, factor in grocery shopping, sleeping, exercising, cooking, and laundry. After you have made a list, create a weekly schedule. Leave space free for partying, 30 Rock, and the unexpected. Putting it down on paper and creating a schedule will help you to see that you can manage it all, if you use your allotted time wisely. Plus, it feels good crossing items off a to-do list!

4) Get some help.

Whether you need to talk to a counsellor, professor, or friend, if you are struggling you need to reach out and ask for help. There are many resources at the college to help with your academic success, so take advantage of these free services.

5) Breathe!

 College may seem overwhelming at times, but you are going to be okay! Doing not-so-great on an exam isn’t the end of your academic career. Learn from your mistakes and don’t beat yourself up over them. Focus on doing better next time and managing your time in a productive manner.

6) Be social.

Start a study group, meet up with your friends for a drink at the FarSide, or catch a movie. You may feel that there are not enough hours in a day to be social, but finding a happy balance with your academic and social life will make school seem like less of a chore. Plus, you need a reward after submitting that 15 page English paper! Just remember to not let your social life interfere with your academics. If you manage your time wisely, you should be able to go for wings on Wednesday and still hand in a kick-ass paper Thursday.


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