Beginning to prepare for finals

The final exam schedule is now available and it is time to think about preparing for your final exams. You may think it is too early to start preparing for your finals, but really finals begin in three weeks! Plus, you probably have a bunch of readings to do, assignments to hand in, and essays to write before classes end, so you might as well start reviewing for your finals and devising a game plan before it is too late.

I definitely struggled with time-management and study skills throughout university. It took me a few years (not to mention my fair share of all-nighters) to finally master the art of studying and multi-tasking. Let me share a few oh-so wise words of wisdom…

Right now the important thing to do is create a game plan for studying, like athletes do for big games. You should create a schedule for studying. The hours and length depends on your studying habits but it is really important to hold yourself accountable to following that schedule. Thinking about how you are going to manage your time in regards to studying, classes, extra-curricular activities, etc, is the key to success and reducing exam stress.

I recommend refamiliarizing yourself with the materials now. Especially if you are writing cumulative exams, you don’t want to be stuck cramming a semester’s worth of sociology into one night of studying. It is more effective and manageable to review material over a longer period of time than over a night fuelled by Red Bull.

Also, while you are refamiliarizing yourself with the materials, get reacquainted with the library. It is a great place to get some studying done undisturbed. Sadly, library etiquette has gone astray in the past few years. So please keep conversations about your love life or how drunk you got at Lotus over the weekend out of the library. No one wants to hear it; these conversations are better off held in the FarSide. All in all, the library is a good place to go to get away from Facebook, television, and gossiping roommates so you can get some work accomplished.

So, what are you waiting for? Establish your game plan and start studying!

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