Top ten of 2009

Everyone is putting out their “top ten” lists, so I figured I may as well follow suit.

I have chosen to do a top ten of academic websites of2009. The majority are blogs, some are resources, all valuable.

In no particular order:

1)      College Candy  – Funny, yet insightful. Superficial, yet refreshing. College Candy is a humorous blog on a variety of college related issues.

2)      Zen College Life – Tips on overall wellbeing in college. Not overly preachy, just a helpful voice of reason.

3)      Make Use Of – Learn about all sorts of free computer resources from an arrangement of topics. From dieting to microblogging, you can learn how to do all those things you never knew you wanted to learn through this site.  

4)      Gearfire – More academic and lifestyle tips, such as, saving a wet cell phone and  4 ways to use Wikipedia.

5)      Grade fix – Remember when I was harping on you about creating a schedule? Well, grade fix can help you do that, for free!

6)      Poorer Than You – Great financial tips and advice.

7)      Rate My Professors – Not very useful, but quite funny. Teachers are rated not only on their quality of teaching, but their good looks too. Therefore, I wouldn’t rely too much on the ratings offered.

8)       Life After College – Okay, so not based on the college experience, but it is humorous and real, giving you the inside track on what you may expect when you are finished college.

9)      Study Hacks  – Wonderful strategies on how to become a successful college student.

10)   This very blog you are reading right now. Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

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  1. Thanks for including my site – great list! 🙂

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