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48 hours…

Finals start in less than 2 days, so here are a few quick tips about preparing for exams:

  • Avoid drinking the night before your exam. Alcohol deprives you of a quality sleep, so you won’t feel rested and focused the day of an exam.
  • Review, recite and then relax! Go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Trying to cram information in while you are exhausted will not benefit you.
  • On the day of the exam, eat light, well-balanced meals to provide you with energy. Avoid excessive consumption of caffeine. You should have your cup of coffee or energy drink, but you do not want caffeine jitters to impact your test performance.
  • During the exam, relax! Take a deep breath, read over the entire exam, and then show that exam who is boss.  

Now, stop reading this blog and get back to studying! Good luck on your finals and enjoy your winter break.

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Last day of classes! Time celebrate or time to study?

It is the last day of classes!

Since finals don’t start for a few days, you may be thinking about going to the FarSide tonight to celebrate. Then maybe you will go out again tomorrow, Thursday, and maybe for a bit on Friday. I mean, you can ace that economics final hung-over, right??  

Yes, you deserve to celebrate the end of classes, but it is not the end of the semester until finals are over. If you don’t have any finals, go out, have fun, and share your secret scheduling tricks with the rest of the BA students. If you do have finals, it is a little premature to celebrate the end of the semester just yet. I mean, look at the Grey Cup. The Rough Riders (and their fans) went from complete ecstasy over winning the Grey Cup, to complete shock upon realizing that the game actually was not over and that they had lost. Cruel analogy? Probably, but you get the idea.

My last advice to you was to establish your game plan and start studying. If you followed my advice, which I am sure you didn’t, you will have already begun the studying process and nailed down which areas you need to focus on. If you didn’t follow my advice, it is crunch time!

Study tips:

  • Go back to the schedule you have created for studying (or create a schedule for studying). Remember to factor in time to sleep, eat, exercise, play on Facebook, and watch 30 Rock. Tweak the schedule if you are not getting enough done, or if you are way ahead of schedule.
  • When it comes to your place of study, choose wisely. It is not always the best idea to study at home because there are too many distractions (ex. your laptop, roommate, cable TV). If you can turn everything off, and leave it off, you may be able to get some work done. Or check out the library, which can be the ideal place to study, free of noise and distractions.
  • Set a study goal for the day and make sure your goal is based on the amount of material covered, not the time it takes. It is really easy to waste time and say that you were studying. So, instead of saying you will study History for two hours; say you will review all the chapters up to WWII. This may take longer than two hours, but you left room for the unexpected in your schedule, right?         
  • Study for 30-50 minutes and then take a 5-10 minute breather. If you are not studying ‘actively’ then you are just wasting your time. Do not study tired, you need to study with attention and purpose. Create flash cards, ask yourself questions, do not just read aimlessly.
  • Stop reading this blog and get back to studying! Unless, of course, you are on your 5-10 minute breather.

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Food For Thought: What To Eat Before An Exam

eggIf you want your brain to be functioning in top capacity on exam day so that you can recall the material from those hours of studying you put in (hopefully not all last night!) then consider some of the following tips from a dietician on what to eat before your exam.

1. Eat Breakfast

Studies show that concentration and memory recall are better in those that eat breakfast than those that skip it. So even if you wake up with nervous butterflies in your stomach on the day of the exam, it may be worth your while to try and cram something down. Dieticians recommend that you combine different types of carbohydrate-rich foods so that energy will be released at different rates. Try cereal, milk, toast, and  juice.

2. Protein It Up

Protein is helpful for enhancing alertness, so if you’ve been missing sleep due to study sessions or nerves, you might want to have an egg or put some cheese on your toast to benefit from some extra protein.

3. Drink Some Energy

As long as it’s OK to do so in the exam, an energy drink is a good idea, whether it’s Gatorade or another sports drink, Coke, or fruit juice. Sometimes drinks other than water aren’t allowed to prevent cheating . . . water is good, as long as you don’t drink TOO much of it.

4. Keep It Light All Day

If your exam isn’t until the afternoon or evening, then keep eating throughout the day but avoid large meals that are high in fat, because they could make you SLEEPY and SLUGGISH, which is not how you want to feel. Go for soup, pasta, a sandwich, and some milk or juice to drink. Eat a small or medium-sized amount of food, and have a snack periodically to keep your energy up.

good luck with exams!

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